Paris, Je T'aime

Here are a few more tops that I made during the Thanksgiving break. This first one uses 2 yards of Spoonflower-printed crepe de chine. When I was in Paris back in 2004, I bought a small scarf from a street vendor. I still have it. It's square, bright red, with dark blue letters, and it spells PARIS over and over, with the Eiffel Tower instead of an 'A'. It took me a while, but finally I did manage to recreate this design in Photoshop. I then ordered two yards from and added my favorite lace collar. I'm wearing this top today with black cords. My only wish is that it was brighter. I specified a much brighter red and black, but I guess that's the best that Spoonflower printers could do.

Here's the close up of the print. Paris, je t'aime! 

Red is my most flattering color and I've always wanted a bright red, festive, Christmasy top. So, take two yards of this chili pepper crepe de chine from Mood, add some red lace from Pacific Fabrics mixed with the red and gold trim from Nancy's and voila :)

And this last blouse is made from a gorgeous chiffon that I forever admired at the District Fabric store in Fremont. I finally broke down and bought two yards. I lined it with a 100% silk lining. It's breezy and feminine :) and the lurex thread gives this blouse the appearance of an extremely delicate body armor piece.

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