My Jane Eyre Dress

I'm right on schedule :) Next on my list was altering this Burda (8072) pattern:

I thought it would be a lengthy process, but maybe I just know my measurements and the dart placement well enough now. I started working on Saturday, made a couple of samples and was satisfied with the fit to try making an actual dress.

I used this embroidered dark grey thin wool (I think?) fabric that I bought last year at Mood. The dress is lined (except for the sleeves). And the fit is lose enough so I skipped installing a zipper (maybe that's why it didn't take so long :)) I added my favorite black trim to the outer edges of the little pocket thingies (they are not really pockets, just decorative) and I added my beloved Peter Pan collar. And suddenly, because of the grey and the collar the whole dress took on this very modest yet chic (sexy librarian) Jane Eyre look. I like it :)

Here are some pictures of the work in progress and the finished dress. The pleats turned out pretty crisp too.

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