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My name is Gaiana (pronounced like Diana, only with a 'G'). I live in Seattle, Washington. During the day, I'm a content developer at Amazon, but at nights and weekends, I design, cut, pin, and sew. 

I've always had a passion for clothes. My father was an amazing menswear tailor. All the women in my family know how to sew. I started sewing when I was 9 or 10. Several years ago I invested in a Brother sewing machine, and two Babylocks: the 'Imagine' serger and a cover-stitch machine. 

My all-time favorite designer and style icon is Gabriel (Coco) Chanel.  I share her approach to fashion: basically, I like to dress myself. Fitted, tailored, and simple silhouettes work best on my petite frame (I'm 5 ft tall, size 6 and sometimes 8). I'm also partial to funky and abstract prints, I tend to mix fabrics and textures, and I LOVE sewing knits and jersey. 
For questions or comments, drop me a line at trapkeybygaia@live.com and you can also follow my boards on Pinterest.  

P.S. "Trapkey" (тряпки) means "rags" in Russian :)

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