Baker Boy a-la Sherlock

Oh, it's the end of Christmas/New Year vacation and I must go back to work. The last thing I made during my vacation was this little baker boy hat. I spent a big chunk of the day Sunday (yesterday) watching TV, mostly catching up on Elementary. Also, Sherlock new season comes back in two weeks. Maybe that's what inspired me to use this very English super soft cashmere I picked up at Pacific Fabrics. This is my very Sherlock hat :) Or maybe this is more like something Watson would wear :) Anyway, I also decided to rescue and reuse this embellishment that I put on the very first hat I made more than a year ago. I was so proud of it at the time, but compared to how clean my hats turn out now, that one was a disaster :)  Plus, I'm in love with this funky lining.

Also, I woke up to an unbelievable sunrise this morning. Rainier was so glorious that I just have to share it with you :) whoever you are, if you are reading me :)

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  1. Yesss! I saw it and it was cute! :) Plus... I realized I don't need FB to follow your sewing adventures! - A.