What's Next

I looked through my Shop My Closet project photos. Many of the things I made last year I either sold or donated because I wasn't satisfied with them. I've learned such an amazing lot during this last year, so I'd really like a re-try of all those ideas that I had. Here's my new list:

  • Striped t-shirt
  • Knit pencil skirt with waist like the Christmassy one
  • Simple blouse decorated with leather or fur or spikes or some metallic trim (edgy for every day, not dressy, probably grey or black)
  • Animal print basic blouse
  • Knit top with asymmetric neckline (like the checked one I made a while back, edit the pattern)
  • Simple chiffon t-shirt (two pieces, no sleeves, with lining)
  • Knit top with raglan sleeve (order the cats t-shirt again, take it apart, draft pattern)
  • Knit top with raglan sleeve with front panel out of chiffon or silk or lace
 And maybe these:

  • A-line knit skirt with fabric mixing detail, like the one from Desigual
  • Knit dress gathered at the waist
  • Knit dress with an asymmetric hem (like the striped one I made, edit the pattern)
  • Chiffon dress with gathered waist and asymmetric hem (look at the picture in my Inspiration photos)

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