Graphic t-shirt

I love t-shirts. I love graphic t-shirts. But I don't have a t-shirt printing machine (a screen printer). T-shirts with snappy phrases are all the rage right now and there are a few sayings I like very much and wouldn't mind wearing :). This is one of them.

Without a screen printer, I can make a patch with my saying out of another fabric and sew it on my t-shirt (done that), I can use fabric paint (done that), I can use machine embroidery (doesn't quite work on knits, but I'm still experimenting), or I can cut out my letters out of ribbons or trims.

I sewed them on very slowly because this particular ribbon has a tendency to slip. A very important thing to remember is to burn the edges of each ribbon piece so that it doesn't fray.

I really like how the letters turned out not perfect but rustic and crooked. Imho, it IS tres chic :)

A very Cannes top :)

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