Artsy Cocktail Dress


For the longest time I've been meaning to modify my trustworthy Cynthia Rowley t-shirt dress pattern for mixing fabrics and I finally got around to it. 

For this dress, I used the amazing mesh print I discovered on a dusty sales rack in the darkest corner of a fabric store in Vancouver on Hastings Street. There was a whole array of mesh prints, one better than the next and they were all selling for $3 a yard! This print is so abstract and dark and cool - I'm in love with it. I combined it with transparent black mesh that I normally use as stretch lining.

(Btw, a tiny lyrical digression: the best part of my recent Vancouver trip was discovering the fabric stores and how reasonable their prices are. It has nothing to do with the conversion rate between the American and the Canadian dollar, they are about the same. Maybe Canadians always buy ready to wear and don't sew nearly as much as Americans? :) No idea, but I came back with a loot having spent very little.         

This is my original sketch for the second dress when I was trying to decide between long and short sleeves.

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  1. And choosing long sleeves was the right thing to do. :)