Faux Fur Hat

This was my first time working with fur and my goodness, so much fuzz :) But somehow I pulled it off. I went with my trusted baker boy pattern. This is a gorgeous deep green faux fur I got from Mood Fabrics. I got a couple of yards and I've no idea what I'll do with the rest of it. Maybe a really cool little coat? But today I wanted to make a chic hat and voila :) I used regular wool fabrics (from my many remnants) for the under layer of the brim and also for the inside layer of the headband. I had to to minimize the bulk, or I would never be able to feed it through my sewing machine. Anyway, somehow it worked and I absolutely love this hat! Going to wear it all winter :)

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  1. Гаяна, очень удачная шапочка получилась! Мне тоже эта ткань сразу же понравилась, когда я её увидела. Красивый цвет, как раньше говорили, "бутылочный". Мне нравится 50 shades of gr.... GREEN, т.е. зелёный цвет и все его оттенки :))