Elastic Waist Skirts

What an incredibly productive day! I have finally figured out the perfect elastic waist version that looks great on me, is easy to make, and that gives me a perfect clean finish with all the seams magically tucked in :) How did I do it? I have this one skirt from Urban Outfitter with a waistband like that. So I looked at it carefully and I just tried to recreate it. And it worked like a charm! Here are a few skirts that I made just today. I'm going to be unstoppable now. I can combine knits with some cottons that I have and make a bunch of great summer skirts or pants. I can make loads of cute house pants now. This is a MAJOR step forward in my learning process. Whenever I made skirts before,  was always dissatisfied with the end result. These are perfect!

The last one is an old Anthropologie skirt that I bought a long time ago, at least 7 or 8 years ago. I hardly ever wore it because of it's strange bell shape and it's incredibly strange waistband. So today I finally reconstructed it. I combined it with some nice grey ponte I had left and I can now FINALLY wear it with t-shirts, sweaters - make the best of it. It's super cool, it's mohair knit with the hand-painted design. Very unique. I expect loads of compliments on this skirt :)

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  1. All of the skirts are cute. But I'm crazy about the last one!!!!!