Party Dresses

I loved this shoe print jersey SO MUCH that I drove back to Pacific Fabrics and bought 2.5 more yards. I had this idea for a dress, almost like a flapper dress, with a fringed hem.

So here is what I did:

I started with the easy Vogue pattern V8665. This dress is very flared so I altered this pattern to be a bit more narrow and to have slightly longer cap sleeves.

Originally I wanted to get green fringe, but nobody had it. I looked in M&J Trimmings and Mood. Then finally, at Pacific Fabrics, I saw this black and silver fringe and figured I'd give it a try.

And here's what came out of it:

And here's mois actually wearing it :)

But that's not all :) While at Pacific Fabrics, I saw another amazing lace-esque fringe and got 2 yards of it just in case. I suddenly remembered this leopard jersey print I bought last year in New York at the Spandex House and I instantly knew its time has finally come :)

Same pattern but I made it a bit smaller, for when I drop a few lbs:

And here's me wearing it :) Notice the cool new phone cover I got.


  1. You dont need to drop a few lbs. You look fab like this and OMG I love that fringe!

  2. Gaiana, both dresses are great! I love the fringe!
    And yes, you look beautiful! :)