Sewing Plan

This is a laundry list of everything that I'd like to make in the near future. Some of it is already done, marked as strikethrough.

1. Skirt with invisible zipper
  • pencil
  • leather/cotton prints/eyelet mixed with double-knit
2. Basic dress
  • invisible zipper in the back
  • exposed zipper in the back (with edges un-tucked or tucked in)
  • silk
  • knit (pleats pattern)
  • lace (pleats pattern)
  • leather/cotton prints/lace/eyelet mixed with double-knit
3. Basic top with long/short sleeves
  • silk
  • lawn
  • leather
  • thin cotton
  • chiffon with lining
  • lace
  • neckline
  • exposed zipper in the back with edges untucked
  • exposed zipper in the back with edges tucked in
4. Button-down
  • lawn
  • polyester silk
5. Pants

6. Knit top
  • cotton prints/leather/eyelet mixed with knit
  • leather sleeves
  • lace sleeves
  • leather shoulder detail
7. The following patterns:

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