Just an idea :)

I have all these amazing cotton prints. How to use them... they are cool, but when you try to sew them into garments: skirts, dresses, tops - they look incredibly junior, cheap, not very luxe at all.

I am still not convinced that what I just did actually works, but it's a vast improvement over what I've tried to do before. What I did now, was cut the top 1/3 of the shirt out of the cotton print and also out of a 100% nylon fabric. I'm not exactly sure what this fabric is, but it's see-through. Then I lined that top 1/3 (of the front and the back) with my jersey. I sewed the facing and the lining together at neck edge. Then I opened up the shoulders and sewed the front and back together at the open shoulder edge. That way, the neck and the shoulder edges are done, neat and nice, with all the seams tucked in. Then I sewed the bottom parts to the front and back, put in the sleeves, and finished hemming the sleeves and the bottom edge of the shirt. It's really not that bad :) I'll try it with something black or grey next. Maybe white is just a bit too white :)

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