Graphic Tee: My Version

I've been making a lot of t-shirts lately. I find it very silly to pay $50 for one, when I can just as easily pick up some knit fabric (for me, it takes less than 1/2 yard per t-shirt = around $7), order whatever images I want from Spoonflower (their crepe-de-shin patches are $5 and I get to edit these images any way I want using their myriad of filters) and sew a t-shirt (in about 20 minutes) that fits me just right.

Here is a collection of my favorite patches. Some of these I've already used. Some are coming in the mail shortly :) So far I've been playing with copyright images, so I can't sell the t-shirts I make. But that's ok. My goal at this point is not to sell clothes. It's to dress myself.


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