Gabriela's Easter Dress - 2019

It's become a tradition by now - every year, I make a yellow Easter dress for my sweetness Gabriela. I don't know why it has to be yellow :) It doesn't, but it was yellow two years ago, last year I made it yellow because the first one was yellow, and this year, I'm turning it into a firm tradition: it must be yellow or some shade of yellow. Anyhooooo...

I made it early this year, because I wanted to give myself sufficient time in case I messed up or if my idea was good in my head, but wouldn't quite work when realized. But I think it turned out pretty well. And it's Peter Rabbit, so it can be worn for Easter, but it can also be worn as a regular day slightly dressier dress :)

I love that the materials for it came from everywhere! The corduroy fabric is from the luckyshot0228 on Etsy. It's actually in Seul, South Korea! The special carrot buttons are also from an Etsy shop - the MagiCuts, based in Lisbon, Portugal. The Peter Rabbit machine embroidery design is also from an Etsy shop - Stitching Blues. And the lining and rickrack for the hem are from my faithful local JoAnne's Fabrics in Ballard.

Here it is on a toddler dress form:

And here it is laid flat so that you can see the Easter eggs lining :) and get the close up of these very special buttons. There were 5 buttons total in the package that I got. I need to figure out what to do with the other 3!

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