The "Carrie" top

Sex and the City is my all-time favorite show and the guiltiest of all guilty pleasures (including, I'm ashamed to admit it, both movies). I've a completely different body type than SJP so I there's no point for me to ever try to mimic Carrie's style. But there was one little blouse that she wore in Season 3 that I always loved and could totally imagine myself wearing.

Well, :) now that I've learned how to do ruching - here it is, VOILA! The neckline is a bit higher than on Carrie's top, but I can continue playing with it. I can lower it by an inch and I can try adjusting the bobbin holder screw a little less tightly so that the gathering will turn out looser. But imho, it's fine as is and I'm very happy with it :) And this embroidered white cotton is amazing - must go back to JoAnne's and pick up some more.

And here are some screenshots I took of the episode in which this top appears :)

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