Easter Dress for Gabriela

Another special occasion - another special dress for my baby girl Gabriela :) Easter is coming up in two weeks, and for the last 4 nights, I've been measuring, pinning, embroidering, cutting tulle for the first time, gathering and putting together this dress!

By the way, the smaller the garment, the more time it takes to put together. Small sizes are deceptive. Children's clothes are just as complicated and require just as much work to produce as adult garments.

But I digress. I got all the fabrics and the trim for this dress at Pacific Fabrics. I found the Easter Bunny embroidery pattern online and it really was my very first attempt at applique. I think it was quite successful. I watched a few videos on how to do it, invested in two pairs of special applique scissors, and then got to it.

The bodice of the dress is simple yellow t-shirt knit, the skirt is a cotton print, and the underskirt is silk lining fabric with two layers of gathered tulle (blue and yellow).

Happy Easter, Gabriela!

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