Machine-embroidered Peasant Blouses

Finally, after much embroidery placement testing and different trim try outs, I've completed two more peasant blouses :)

My original idea was to combine these individual patterns into one, but for some reason, my Embird software would not let me do it. Or rather, all looked well on my laptop, but my embroidery machine would not recognize the combined pattern. So, as a work-around, I added this cotton lace trim in between each individual embroidered piece.

Here are some pictures of the work in progress :) 

I don't speak French, so after a lot of asking around (thank you, Anna Feretti!) and Google Translate searches, I opted to label this top "Chanel Chapeaux" :) as in Chanel Hats. I got the idea for this blouse as soon as I first spotted this collection of flapper patterns, especially the last one that I placed on the back! :) After all, Coco began her career as a milliner, designing hats in her free time when she lived as a "cocotte" with Etienne Balsan at his estate Chateau de Royallieu.

Here's the finished look :)

And some close-ups :)

And finally, sleeve detail.

The next one is a Jane Austen blouse. My original idea was to combine these cross-stitch patterns that I found online with some text, maybe a fitting Austen quote. But once again, even though everything looked fine on the laptop, my embroidery machine just would not recognize the pattern :( So I figured, maybe these perfectly executed exquisite embroideries are enough, when combined with a delicate trim. Imho, it works :)


  1. Charming! Gorgeous! Each blouse is one of a kind! Love your attention to details! I am impressed to say the least! :)

  2. I might add: this is amazing what your embroidrey machine can do!

  3. wow these are gorgeous! you're so talented! xo from nyc -