Peter Pan Collar

I love a Peter Pan collar and it suits me very well. So here are three tops that I made last weekend and this week with a lace Peter Pan collar.

I searched Easy for weeks looking for the perfect collar but nothing I saw - I liked. So I decided to make my own. I picked up some black lace at Pacific Fabrics and some black piping at Nancy's (it's so edgy yet delicate, a weave of leather and something fuzzy) to finish off the collar's edge. All three of these tops have the exact same collar. It turned out so well, I just had to make more than one.

The first one is a print I found at Mood :) We were at the ACT theater the other night, watching Mr Burns - a post electric play. During the intermission, we stayed in our seats. Suddenly this woman two seats down leans down to me and says: "This is a gorgeous top that you're wearing. It's so cool! Where did you get it?" And I took great pleasure in telling her that I made it. I tell you, honestly, and without false modesty, that's a huge reason and my main motivation for sewing :) I like making unique things that nobody else has and be recognized that I'm wearing something that I made myself. It's kind of a punk-ish print, these multi-colored lips, so adding a lace collar is somewhat unexpected but it really works.

When this one turned out so well, I knew it would work perfectly for the two prints that I designed myself.

This first one is a little homage to my all time favorite TV show - Sex and the City. I found these drawings on Pinterest and worked them over in Photoshop and placed them against a grayish NY City skyline drawing. Then I had Spoonflower print it for me on crepe de chine.

I really love how the Chrysler building registers and of course I had to add some pink shoes to the print!

And finally my lovely Chanel print. I also created this one myself and got it printed at Spoonflower. These are the sketches of Coco Chanel by Karl Lagerfeld. I scanned them (I have his book) and did a bit of Photoshop magic. To this top's collar, I decided to add some thin velvet ribbon, just to be as true as possible to the overall Chanel aesthetic. I'M IN LOVE with this top. It is exactly what I envisioned and now I have it.

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