Pencil Skirts - All Machine Zipper!

Since it's Xmas and New Years, I've been thinking of making a red pencil skirt with some sparkle. Something that I could pare with a cozy winter sweater for a chic and festive look. So I picked up some red tweed with lurex and simple red lining.  I've been meaning to try the all-machine zipper method on a lined skirt for some time, so I've spent some of my holiday vacation on trying to figure it out and I did!

Here are two pencil skirts, fully lined and fitted, with a zipper installed entirely by machine - no hand stitching at all.

I used a regular zipper, but I have, since I made these skirts, figured out a way to do it with an invisible zipper as well. Stay tuned on what happens with that! :)

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  1. Очень чистая работа! Умницааааа!!!!!!! :))