Funky T-Shirts

I did this post in a hurry last night so today I want to give some more details about me making these.

The first one with the Eiffel Tower - this is a deconstruction and reconstruction of a top I picked up at Forever 21 in Vancouver couple weeks ago. I combined it with a darker grey knit I picked up also in Vancouver and the result is a very simple long sleeve t-shirt with a cool image :)

The three Chanel patches ones are interesting :) I have several books about Coco Chanel and one of them has some amazing illustrations and sketches by Karl Lagerfeld. So I took pictures of these illustrations (the ones I liked best) with my smart phone. Then I uploaded them into my computer. I played with the images (Windows Paint, Picmonkey, and Sketchbook Pro on my ipad), threw in some text, and then used - still the best way to get custom designs printed on good quality fabrics. These patches are made out of silk crepe de chine. And then I started playing with design. I used remnants of a beautiful trim I have with lace and sequins, a couple of pieces of a very French-looking ribbon, and a bit of polka dot stretch lace.

The patch that I used on the last top (the green one) is an image I found online. Actually my good friend Alla sent it to me. It's an original drawing of Irene Adler from the BBC's Sherlock "Scandal in Belgravia" episode. It's supposed to be Irene Adler cranking out text messages to Sherlock :) I love the Zinger sewing machine and the whole image is so cool that I had to make a patch. And I threw in a couple pieces of this small checkered ribbon for some extra funkiness. Btw, the best way of keeping any ribbon from unraveling on the edges is to burn it a bit.

Anyway, voila :) Am very happy with all of these.

The Coco ones are my favorites and when someone asks me what I'm wearing, I will say: "Why Chanel, of course!" :)

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  1. Ой! :)) Красота!!!!!! За всё - тебе 5+!