Now what?

A board with all my patterns:

Ok, I've gone through all my fabrics and I now know exactly what I have. Question is: what is next?

Here are the things I can now do very well:
  • t-shirt dress
  • t-shirt or knit top
  • simple woven top
  • knit top with raglan sleeves
  • knit pencil and A-line skirts
  • house pants
  • chiffon dress gathered at the waist

Here are the things that I'd like to do:
  • embroidery on knit - need to come up with designs
  • heavily embellished chiffon tops (brown, pale leopard)
  • patches (already printed + need to design/order from Spoonflower)
  • design a coco print (wait for the amazon book to arrive, coco, screen goddesses, Austen, lebowski, texts from Master and Margarita)
  • edit the pattern of Vogue V8665, add sleeves, make two dresses (green knit print + grey lace)
  • pleather skirts with elastic waist (new twist) in black and red
  • black ponte skirt (A-line with copper sew-on embellishments)
  • mixed leather and knit sleeves
  • patches on knit sleeves
  • various bags to use up my cotton prints
  • summer dresses, skirts, and pants to use up my prints
  • my new patterns

Here's a list of things I've done in the past but would like to improve:
  • Knit top with asymmetric neckline (like the checked one I made a while back, edit the pattern)
  • Knit top with raglan sleeve with front panel out of chiffon or silk or lace
  • A-line knit skirt with fabric mixing detail, like the one from Desigual
  • Knit dress gathered at the waist
  • Knit dress with an asymmetric hem (like the striped one I made, edit the pattern)
  • Chiffon dress with gathered waist and asymmetric hem (look at the picture in my Inspiration photos)


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