Paris T-Shirt

I really love this t-shirt from Madewell :)

But it's not available :( So I figured, I've got the paint, I've got the letter stencils - why not make my own. And I did.

You know, I might make it again, lower the letters.


  1. Very nice! Might be cool to make neighborhood shirts with images from the hoods on them. For instance a shirt that says Freemont and has a picture of the troll. Or Capitol Hill and a pic of the Volunteer Park tower. More subtle landmarks that the neighborhood residents would know but are not hugely famous like the Space Needle

  2. That's a very good idea! Though maybe not the Volunteer Park tower but the sculpture - that big round doughnut like thing where you & C. took your wedding pics.

  3. And yes, on the next shirt you make lower the letters. Just a little tiny bit. :)