New Fall/Winter Accessories

I took this week off from sewing and went shopping instead :) And boy, did I find some amazing things!

I've been looking for a brown leather wrist band watch and this one is perfect.

Amethyst is my gem stone (February). I love how simple and classic these studs are. And the cut of the stone is absolutely stunning. So chic and gorgeous.

New finger candy from Madewell, love their jewelry.

I couldn't possibly walk past this AMAZING AMAZING Kate Spade bag! Everything about it: the color, the shape, the hardware, the quilting - perfect perfect perfect. I am so happy with this score!

I needed new gloves and these quilted black Ralf Lorens are mine mine mine. I'm really into quilting lately.


  1. Very beautiful! Love every single thing! Especially the Studs. And you know why.... :)

  2. Oh....!. That bag is simply gorgeous! Gaiana, you scored! :)

  3. I'm in love with this bag!!! I will be wearing no other bag for a long time :)