Sleeveless Poly Silk Top

I spent a few hours today trying to figure out how to use a special foot that I got for my cover stitch machine. It's a 28 mm double fold bias binder foot. And I did figure out how to attach it to my machine, and I was able to get a bias strip attached to the edge of my sample. That was all cotton. When I tried it with silk, however, it was another story. I don't believe in miracles and nope, unfortunately, as much as I want to cut out a bias strip and put it through this foot and have it get attached perfectly onto my necklines and arm holes, I don't think it's designed for that. Or maybe I just haven't mastered it yet.

So after all of that, I really needed to make something to make myself feel better :) I had a little bit of this fun poly print left and so I made this easy top. I really took my time with the neckline and the arm holes, first pinning the bias tapes, then sewing them on, then basting by hand and then understitching with the machine. It is such a simple top, but it takes no less than two hours to get it all done, if you want it to look neat and clean. I'm happy with this. And even if I don't get my bias binder foot to work with silks, oh well, I know how to do it with a regular sewing machine.

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