Ponte Dress with Exposed Zipper

This took me a couple of tries :) Surprisingly, the zippers were very easy to do. Super easy, you just have to take your time topstitching around the teeth so that it's all nice and even. I made this project difficult because I decided to add lining! To a dress with a zipper in the back. Turns out, it's a terrible idea for this dress to have a zipper in the back. So I got rid of that, also altered the neckline (because it was impossibly high, and added sleeves.

It's an ok dress and the zippers open which makes it fun. But what I'm most happy with is learning how to do this. Because now I can add zippers like this (or fun ones, metallic ones, patterned ones) to skirts, tops, pretty much anything. It's a good way to add a bit of edge to a basic top or skirt. More of this technique to come! :)

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  1. Очень необычное и интересное платье. Я оценила твоё трудолюбие и терпение, Гаяночка, которое нужно было проявить при вшивании этих декоративных застёжек-"молний". В них то и вся "изюминка" фасона. Очень красивая и чистая работа. Молодец!