Lace Sleeves

I had this piece of stretch black lace from Pacific Fabrics forever. And today I finally used it. Working with lace is surprisingly easy. The key is to first sew all seams with a regular machine and then serge the edges for a neat finish. I'm very happy with this t-shirt pattern. I have used it now several times and each one turned out great. I love leaving the neck edge raw too. Of course it depends on the knit. With this super soft and thin jersey from the Spandex House in NY's garment district, it works perfectly fine. This is my second t-shirt out of this fabric. And I have plenty of it left for a dress. Stay tuned :) This fabric reminds me of the newspaper print dress with thin gold metallic straps that SJP wore on Sex and the City when she crashed a lunch date that Big's wife was having. They also shot it in the second SATC movie.

Anyway, quite happy with the lace sleeves. I'll be working with lace and pleather a lot in the near future.

I wonder if anyone is reading me? :) Anyone other than my close friends or my mom :) If you are, please comment, would love to hear from you!

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  1. Gaiana, everything that you had made so far, to say the least, is very impressive. Proud of you!