Knit Draped Dress

Ok, my last post for the day. Yes, I made a few t-shirts today, but this is what I'm most happy with and proud of! It was a new pattern for me and on first try, I figured out this asymmetric neckline (the key is to use lining), I did a pretty good job with the shoulder and waist pleats, and I added sleeves to this dress. I don't like to wear sleeveless stuff.

Now what I'd like to do next is make this dress out of lace and I'd like to use this cool neckline on another very simple knit dress pattern that I have. Oh, the things that I can now do!

So the trick with this one was to sew the facing front and back together at one shoulder, then the lining front and back together at one shoulder, then stitch facing to the lining. And then, stitch the remaining shoulder while opening it up - that way it completely nice and neat and all seams are safely invisible and tucked in. I've learned A LOT while sewing this! And it's actually VERY easy. I can make this dress in less than 2 hours now.

Another thing to remember - don't be afraid to pinch out an inch or maybe 1.5'' from the bodice length. Once again, it's too long for me. All these standard patterns are too long for my petite frame.

By the way, Alkin, this is the pattern I was cutting out when we did that awesome sleepover at your house :)

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